This one’s for the sporting kind. Step onto the first floor into a fully stocked Sports Bar.

Football lovers can go ga-ga over their favourite teams on a giant screen.
You can practice your Pool shots or try a hand at Darts, Carroms or the other board games. So grab a Pinacolada, pull your socks up and get set for the match of your life.

The Ladies can experience true holiday magic at the ‘Naina’ beauty and massage parlour. You can pamper your senses with an Ayurvedic massage or just enjoy a Pedicure.

One can also browse through for a holiday wardrobe at ‘Clade’-The in-house boutique.

At the restaurant we have regular entertainment such as LIVE MUSIC, KARAOKE, MAGIC SHOWS, THEME NIGHTS, QUIZ and a loads of suprises.

If you are lucky you might get to see Elvis the king in action.